Project Management

We take the 'waste' out of waste, recycle, and reuse.

Whether you’re an engineer or purchasing agent, you’ll appreciate the benefits of Revelation Waste’s contributions to your waste disposal, recycle and diversion efficiencies. Our goal?  Make you look good.

Waste Removal Project Management for Operations Managers

Just follow the money and you’ll see the value of what Revelation Waste can do for you.  We manage and maintain custom recycling, reuse, and reduction programs that assure efficiencies.  Our local area market expertise can leverage better deals, including bids, negotiations, and Contract Acquisition for your projects.Revelation Waste has vested interest in your success….and ensure waste and recycling vendors honor agreements. We hold vendors accountable for promised service levels.

Here's how we make you shine:

Cost Effective Bidding, Negotiations, and Acquisitions

Expertise in identifying opportunities for savings and revenue from recycled materials and disposal optimization.

Automatically e-Delivered Matrix Data and Trending Tools to your Team…and a good ole fashion one-on-one, if you have the time.

Design diversion programs specifically for your type of business and your waste streams – paper, plastics, metals and more.  We customize our strategy and execution to your unique structure.

Integrated project management practices can be held with regard to your long-term service coordinating, bill coordinating, and information technology efforts

Our team was selected based on previous successes in customer service. Enthusiasm for helping clients and accountability is more than a commitment, it’s our culture.

Bill Coordinating

The bill coordinating team at Revelation Waste is committed to giving clients the time required to hold the waste and recycle vendors accountable

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Service Coordinating

Revelation Waste Partners provides waste and recycling service coordinating to integrate your waste and recycling services and manages your vendors.

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Integrated Services

We help identify opportunities for savings and revenue from recycle and reuse materials. Optimizing tools and management services can improve waste, reuse and recycle efficiencies…and improve your bottom lines.

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Industrial Accounts

Vendor management and expert solutions for waste and sustainability tailored for industrial accounts provided by Revelation Waste Partners

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If it's not's just waste

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